Fine Art Transport

We designed our road freight vehicles using many years of experience and expertise. Particular emphasis was placed on ensuring that these vehicles meet, even redefine, the strictest protection and security standards for fine art, while running reliably and cost-effectively. In accordance with this goal we continue to employ and adapt the latest technological innovations.

Our air suspension cargo space is equipped with environmental controls that guarantee constant temperature levels in any season, day and night. Our clients – in case of proper authorization - can check the position and the data of the vehicles online. Couriers can also monitor the cargo from the passenger cab, thereby avoiding the safety risk of opening it for inspection. For long distance transports couriers flights and accommodation is arranged by us.

Our vehicles - according to the requirements of the strictest European insurance companies – are equipped with special custom-designed security systems. Headquarters are alerted to all cargo space openings through a door open alert system linked to our main server, which automatically documents each opening with tamper-proof images. The security of our shipments is guaranteed by satellite tracking and remote monitoring system, smoke and flame detection as well as armed security experts (if requested).

Part Loading Shipments

We offer maximum security and a cost-effective solution for your goods with our frequent shipments to the following cities: Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Zagreb, Bratislava, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Wien, Milan, Rome, Marseille, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Prague, Hamburg, Warsaw, Krakow, Barcelona, Madrid, Istanbul.

Air Freight Services

Air freight with direct flights from Budapest, Wien, Munich, Frankfurt airports to the USA and the American continent, China, Japan and the rest of Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa. Complete arrangement of tarmac supervision, special handling and customs clearance for our shipments.